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May 31st, 2008

I discovered recently how to engage fully into three kinds of scrapbooking: total digital, total paper and a hybrid of the two.

Digital is my newest addition to my scrapbooking repertoire. There are some great advantages to digital scrapbooking: no mess, I can do it anywhere I can take a laptop (including on the coach, on the porch and the jury duty waiting room!), and there are design options that are just not available on paper.

I’ve learned, too, how to do hybrid scrapbooking where I use some digital to get the effect I want, then print it either on paper or a transparency. All that cool digital stuff can be used right on my paper layouts.

Then, I’ve also done some totally paper layouts – and it’s been fun!

I think what has really inspired me is the ability to go back and forth. If I can’t do what I want on paper, I can do it digitally. That frees me and I don’t stress about what I can’t do. If I want to do something lumpy, include a non-digital photo or some memorabilia, I can do it with a paper layout. I can even mix the two! It’s been very fun and inspiring. Here’s a few of my latest creations.


All digital. Spring Hike is based on sketch by Debi Boler, http://www.scrapsupply.com


All paper except journaling.


All paper except journaling.


All digital.


All digital.

(Digital supplies by Katie Pertiet, Anna Aspnes, and Jesse Edwards at http://www.designerdigitals.com except round tag by Kate Teague)

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    I wish I knew which ones were only digi, and which ones were only paper (they all look like you had some computer printed text-at the very least)?

  2. AWESOME, Denise! So clean yet interesting to look at and read. I wish I was as computer saavy. I think I am resigned to paper, markers and glue. LOL!

  3. :0) Thanks for the additional info Denise–Love the pages!

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