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More Cody Photos

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

We went and hung out in front of the library today. He’s so good with children. He sits even without a command and never jumps. Here is some more Cody photos!


Rope toys are the best.


OK. Squeaky toys are really good too.


Cody outside at normal speed.


Cody outside at “puppy crazy” speed.



He wasn’t very happy when he first saw Jennifer’s soccer ball. He’d bark at it and jump all around. I put a soccer ball in the house and played with him around the ball. He bumped into it a few times but continued to play his favorite game. Then, I click/treated any movement toward the ball. Finally, he was playing with it and now he’s making Jennifer work extra hard to use her ball in the backyard.


I’ve gone Creative

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

I got asked to join the Creative Team for Ninascraps Designs at Oscraps.  I am very excited to get asked and to join this lovely team. Nina has a variety of wonderful products including her awesome “simple” templates. You can find her products and layout samples at Ninascraps Designs at O’Scraps.



Welcome Cody!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

As many of you know we lost our beautiful 13-year-old black English Cocker Spaniel Arthur to lymphoma in August. We had been thinking about getting a new dog before we even knew he was sick. At first when he departed us we didn’t know if we were ready for a new dog. Ultimately, we were and November 1 Cody joined our family.

Here are some photos of Cody. It’s hard to take photos because he’s always trying to mug me or stands too close to me. I look forward to a solid “stay” command. 🙂


On the porch swing:


He loves to chew and munches on sticks and pinecones and chases leaves outside:


He’s asleep. Ahhh…. Time to catch up on other things!