May in a Minute

May 31st, 2008

What happened to May? It just seemed to disappear. I think this happens in May often between school events and birthday parties. A look at the calendar will reveal part of the story:

May 1-3: My trip to Pepperdine University Bible lectures in Malibu.


May 4: Mike’s 75 mile supported bike ride.
May 6: School prayer group, groceries and laundry.
May 8: Jury Duty. Thankfully I got excused for being a mom with children in my daily care.
May 9-10: Birthday parties. It was the ultimate weekend for birthday parties with Jackie attending 2 and Jennifer 1. Jackie had to decline on one other party because we just couldn’t swing the logistics. The first was an overnighter, of which I think she got 4-5 hours of sleep.
May 10 evening: Eating out early for Mother’s Day at Outback Steakhouse
May 11: Mother’s Day. Grilling in the backyard with friends. I made carrot cake.
May 12: Finish Scrapjazz article. Brownie Girl Scout meeting to plan and prepare for Camporee.
May 13: Groceries and laundry.
May 14: 3rd grade walking field trip to the San Mateo Historical Museum for a program on immigrants. Pretty hot for a walking field trip.
May 15: 7th grade Renaissance Day, serving and eating at the lunch feast. Brownie Girl Scouts at my house for skit rehearsal.
May 16: I’m sick. I lay around the house and endure the 95+ degree heat.
May 17-18: A little sick but take the Brownie Girl Scouts to Camporee. Stay overnight and leave about 10 a.m. the next morning.
May 19: Sleep all day long to recover!
May 20: School prayer group, groceries and laundry.
May 21: Cook and provide dinner for our church group of about 15. I served BBQ beef sandwiches, Spring Radish Salad, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Cauliflower Gratin and Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cheesecake bars.
May 22: North Star Academy dinner and open house. Glad to not be cooking!
May 24-25: Cadette Girl Scout trip kayaking at Elkhorn Slough and staying overnight at the Santa Cruz hostel with Jackie’s troop.
May 25: Mike leaves for Japan. One of Jackie’s friends from church sleeps overnight with us. We eat out at Chili’s restaurant.
May 26: Memorial Day and no school. To entertain the girls, we hit the mall for a few hours then come home and make Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips cookies.
May 27: Our wedding anniversary. Mike isn’t here but I create a digital layout in celebration.
May 28: 3rd grade International feast. I brought Irish Soda bread, which I made for the first time ever the day beforehand. Luckily, Jennifer liked it!
May 28-29: 7th grade San Francisco Zoo overnight trip for Jackie. Jennifer and I enjoy the evening together. She takes a disposable camera, but doesn’t take any pictures!
May 30: Finally, a hike! This is usually a weekly event but it has kinda fallen by the wayside. So we hike Windy Hill for 5 or 6 miles. A good hike but I can tell I haven’t been hiking – I am so tired! Mike returns from Japan. Overnight birthday party for Jackie.

I also sneaked in quite a bit of gardening this month. What I didn’t so is bring the camera along much. Not much of this has been photographed. 🙁

I see all this and wonder how I scrapped so many pages this month! I guess I took advantage of any relaxing times to work on those pages.

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  1. Wow! You have been one busy family! Love this post! I may do one like this myself. I know I’ll forget how crazy life was in May and June come July. LOL!

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