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April Layouts

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

I have been working this week to close out all my layouts from 2005. I’m not a scrapbooker who feels like I have to be “caught up” but I have been feeling so behind that it stresses me. I don’t scrap in order usually, but I had a desire to finish up the events of 2005 and have those albums done. So, I plugged through all the layouts I had previously set aside and I even got into some 2006 events! Here are a few of what I’ve been doing. The first three are paper layouts and the last one is totally digital.




Can I Help? I am a Mathematician.

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

One of Mike’s favorite movie lines is from Finding Nemo. It occurs when the Ray says, “Can I help? I am a Scientist.” He uses that line a lot with the girls, sometimes replacing Scientist with Mathematician.

Mike loves helping the girls with their math homework so he will often ask them, “Can I Help? I am a Mathematician.” The girls are not as gleeful about math help from dad, partly because he likes to explain in detail the concepts and doesn’t let them slide with just “getting it.” He will often add more information than what they really needed. They roll their eyes. I think its great that he can give them extra help.

When the girls DO need math help, it is will trepidation they ask Mike for help. He smiles and gets that “oh this will be fun” look in his eyes.



March and April Madness!

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008


7:53:05 p.m.


This is Mike, watching one of the greatest University of Kansas basketball comebacks in history – to win the 2008 National Championship! Kansas defeated Memphis 75-68 in overtime, rallying from a nine-point deficit in the final 2:12 of regulation.

Throughout the entire basketball tournament our kids have been watching us with a certain caution. They don’t like it when we get LOUD and emotionally charged. That’s bound to happen when we watch the college basketball tournament so they kinda keep away from us. On the night of the final game, Jaclyn sat outside reading a book so she wouldn’t hear us. Jennifer sat in the same room, but on the far side. They celebrated with us, but until it was all over and they were pretty sure that their parents were returning back to “normal” behavior.