On to Plan C

April 19th, 2006

Spring break 2006 proved to be a different experience this year. We went from plan A to plan B to plan C trying to make something exciting and fun happen during that week.

  • Plan A: The original plan to visit San Diego over spring break. Plan A fell apart when Merlin hurt himself in March. We didn’t feel we could kennel him so we waited to see if he would improve. He slowly improved but we didn’t want to be far away from home in case he hurt himself at the kennel. Then, as it turned out, everyone got sick and our plans would have included lots of tissues and bathroom breaks.
  • Plan B: We planned two short one-night trips. One would take us north to Marine World and the other trip would take us south to Monterey. Short, overnight trips but not too far away if something happened with Merlin. Our first hurdle was the fact that the kennel was all booked up already. Our next hurdle was the fact that Jackie was very sick. 4 days before Spring break she came down with the flu. She remained tired and weak through the weekend. Then, as it turned out, it rained all week and our plans would have been tainted with buckets of rain.
  • Plan C: Our plans moved to something about as low key as you can get. We make daily plans based on the weather (it rained almost every day) and the health of the family. In plan C we did visit the Lawrence Hall of Science, Sunset Gardens and took a soggy, muddy hike at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. We filled our days working on items on the “things to do” list, playing games, reading, listening to Bill Harley CD’s and dying Easter eggs. Most days we stayed home, but we did have a eating plan. Each person chose a restaurant and during the week we dined at his or her restaurant. The one restaurant we kinda chose randomly because the weather was nice and they had outdoor seating was Crepes Cafe. The girls really enjoyed the strawberry crepes there. We ate at:

It wasn’t a typical spring break but it was relaxing in its own way.

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