All the Little Critters

April 24th, 2006

“Oh, look!” Jennifer exclaimed. “It’s a Roly Poly.” She bent down and watched the little isopod crustacean. He could curl up into a ball, but he didn’t. He just walked on and on.

rolypolywhite.jpgWhat is it about small creatures she loves? I’ve been watching and noticing her fascination with small creatures like worms, ants, spiders and butterflies. On our vacation to Elkhorn Slough, Jennifer picked up a Roly Poly and let it climb up her arm. Just today, she came racing through the house to release a spider back outside.

I’m too busy and too focused to notice these little things anymore. They are important, though, and maybe that’s why I smile when I see Jennifer so excited about them. I’m glad she notices. I hope she continues to notice and continues to care.

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