Design Your Life Week #7

December 28th, 2008

For Week #7 the class emphasized the principle of EMPHASIS. That is, making something really stand out in comparison to something else. Emphasis puts attention on something. Attention can be gained by making something big or at big in comparison to something next to it. This can be done in many ways including type size and photograph size.

My two layouts here put emphasis on a photograph because it is slightly larger than the others in the layout. Placement of the photograph makes a difference as well. Another trick is to place the title or embellishments near the photograph that is being emphasized.


Journaling: After kidnapping the party guests from their homes we drove them to our secret destination – a friend’s beach house south of Santa Cruz. At the beach house Captain Jackie inspected her crew. She announced her treasure map was missing so she inspected the girls’ bags until it was found. With map in hand, they followed the path to the beach. On the beach, they discovered a treasure chest filled with gold chocolate coins and snack bags. They were apparently hungry because they all yelled, “Food! Yes!” Next, they played at the beach. Afterwards, we headed back to the beach house. After changing clothes, the girls gathered to open presents. Dinner followed with pizza, watermelon, apples and Jackie’s requested lemon cheesecake.

Fonts: Garamond and Hannibal Lecter

Jessie Edwards: Title Lines 2 and Clean and Serene Solids
Ali Edwards: 31 Days Circle Numbers
Katie Pertiet: SimplyBloom paper
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  1. Denise~your pages are pretty to look at…and they tell their story so well too! You do Beautiful Work!

  2. I love your journaling about the party! Nice LO’s!!

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