Back on Track

December 28th, 2008

Thanksgiving, Christmas, family visits and vacation have all been wonderful this last month, but I’m ready to go back to “regular” life.

Back on track with my Cathy Z. scrapbook class….

Here’s an additional layout from week 6 on unity.


Journaling: The Storybookland Canal Boats have always been a beautiful and quiet ride among the hustle and bustle of Disneyland. On this ride, we sit in a boat that winds through miniature settings from Disney animated films. The outdoor boat ride starts by passing through Monstro’s cave. From there we pass Disney scenes landscaped with miniature trees and shrubs. The miniature settings include:

* Toad Hall from The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
* The Sultan’s palace from Aladdin
* The village from Cinderella, featuring a gold-spired castle that is the highest point in Storybook Land.
* An English village including Alice’s house from Alice in Wonderland
* The pigs’ homes from The Three Little Pigs

Pattie Knox: Chat Freebie 06 11 08
Jessie Edwards: Title Lines and Clean and Serene Solids
Katie Pertiet: Decorative Scissors
Fonts: Myriad Pro and Garamond

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