Taking Lessons

February 19th, 2007

With soccer season over, Jackie finally had the time and opportunity to take horseback riding lessons. She began riding in late December at Shoestring Farm in Portola Valley. Jackie immediately enjoyed riding on her horse. She quickly learned to lead, walk, trot and walk with her horse Weasel. At each lesson, she had the opportunity to work on tacking and grooming Weasel as well.


Unfortunately, at her 5th lesson as she was beginning to canter for the first time, Jaclyn fell off her horse. She didn’t get back on the horse because her arm hurt too much. The next day when she couldn’t lift her arm, we took her to the doctor. An x-ray showed a fracture to the humerus. She spent several weeks in a sling and, according to the doctor’s orders, out of horseback riding for six weeks. Despite her injury, Jackie is determined to return to horseback riding.

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