Medieval Times

February 19th, 2007

While in Chicago, Mike’s parents treated us to an afternoon at the 11th century Medieval Times. Since both the girls are in such a “horse loving” phase right now, it seemed appropriate. True enough. The parts they enjoyed the most were the dressage and other horse events.


Wenches and serfs delivered our food (no utensils!) of garlic bread, hot vegetable soup in pewter bowls, roasted chicken, a spare rib, a seasoned potato and pastry.


We sat in the section of the red knight and the girls cheered wildly for them. Jackie was so attached to her knight that she hid behind me when he was fighting. She didn’t want to see him lose. The show contained plenty of action. The tamer contests included the flag toss, ring pierce and a javelin throw. The more tense contests charge each other on horse with lances. When a rider is knocked out, the battle continued on foot.

All in all, a pleasant event and a fun thing to do on a cold Chicago day.

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