Jennifer and friends have come to Hogwarts…

March 25th, 2007

Jennifer invited 10 guests to her Hogwarts birthday. After receiving invitations by owl, the students all replied and we prepared to host Hogwarts for an afternoon.

The festivites on her birthday began by entering the front of the house, the Gormish Wand Shop. Each student chose a wand from a variety of possiblities. I lectured them on proper use of the wand, care of the wand and what to do if their wand was stolen.

After everyone arrived, we walked to the Great Hall, where the students were sorted into their houses. They sat on a stool and I placed the sorting hat on their heads. The hat shouted out their house name.

They were divided into 2 groups and they each attended Potions and Care of Magical Creatures. In Care of Magical Creatures they recieved a Flobberworm, studied it and learned how to take care of it. In Potions, they mixed ingredients for a spell to tell whether they had a secret or not. Finally, we had the two groups race each other while on a simple witch’s broom. It was a close race.

The students returned to the great hall to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday with a large feast including herbology treats, cockroach clusters, pumpkin pasties and butterbeer.


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