Jackie’s Birthday

December 4th, 2007

Happy #12 to Jackie!

With her birthday on a Sunday, we squeezed present opening in before going to church. After church, we set up all the final details for her party.

Jaclyn chose to have one more wizarding themed birthday party. In her creative mind, she devised the idea of having a party at the newly created American wizarding school called The Phoenix. As the facility is under construction, potential students would learn about the school at the Gormish residence.
The students had received invites with class options. They RSVP’d their choices and we made schedules for then. Upon arrival, they went shopping for class supplies then they attended their three classes plus “free period.” Here were the class choices:

Muggle Studies: Students will create a description of a Muggle object for inclusion in the book, A Wizard’s Guide to Muggle Objects.
Broom Flying: Broom flying basics and all you need to know about playing Quidditch.
Potions 1: Learn from our Potions Master by creating magical substances.
Potions 2: Take your potions expertise to another level and create your own potions.
Care of Magical Creatures: Discover a new magical creature and share your findings.
Charms: Create a new charm with a friend and demonstrate it to your classmates.

Muggle Studies was cancelled due to lack of interest. Mike taught Broom Flying, Potions 1 and Potions 2. He liked empathizing safety issues in his classes, proving that the American wizarding school was much safer than those other wizarding schools.


Jackie did a lot of planning for the party, including making up what they would do in each class and choosing the food. Jennifer helped with some preparations including making wands and putting class schedules together.

The meal consisted of pasta with tomato and meat ragu sauces, pumpkin pasties, fruit and a flourless chocolate cake.

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  1. LOL! Better to have a safe wizarding school than an unsafe one. Bwahahhaaaaaaa!!!!!! Happy 12th Birthday to Jackie!!!!!!

  2. What a great BD celebration for Jackie! I’m sure she had a wonderful time. Love the picture of Mike with the goggles….too funny!

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