Illness in the House

April 6th, 2006

Jackie’s fever spiked to 103 degrees yesterday. Jennifer’s been grabbing tissues left and right for a runny nose. I’ve been having headaches on and off. Mike? He appears to be fine. This is good because we really need him to be well right now!

Mike allowed Jackie and I the pleasure of sleeping in this morning even though it is a school day. Well, it was a pleasure to me, but Jackie was very upset when I told her. She had wanted to go to school! A quick check with the thermometer told us that she shouldn’t go back to school. She called the thermometer “dumb” then directed her anger at Mike and I for not letting her go to school.
Statistics. A phone call to the school gained me a bit of interesting information. Not ony has she been sick but 8 other classmates were sick and her teacher was sick as well. So, really, she wasn’t missing anything. Of coarse that didn’t matter to her because she had really wanted to be in school with her friends.

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