Horse Camp

July 24th, 2007

In lieu of drama camp this summer, the girls chose horse camp. For two weeks they went to camp Monday, Wednesday and Friday for appox. 2 1/2 hours.

Jaclyn joined 4 other friends from school and church in her group. Jennifer attended the same camp at the same time but in a different group.

The instructors at Webb Ranch taught them to brush their horse, helped them tack the horse, then gave them lessons on riding the horse. Switching between western, english and bareback riding styles, the girl learned to stop, turn, ride the rail, maneuver around obstacles, 2-point, jog, and trot. On the final day of classes, they did a trail ride around the ranch grounds.

Mike and I really had to discuss whether Jennifer could take horse riding lessons. Jackie had not started until she was 10 years old. Jennifer wasn’t 10 yet and we felt she might do better to wait a little longer. But it was Jackie who convinced us to let Jennifer take lessons also. Jackie said she wouldn’t feel upset or that it was unfair that her sister began earlier than her. She pointed out all the good things about it. When we told Jennifer she could go, she was all smiles and full gratitude.

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  1. FABULOUS!!! That Jackie is a wonderful sister. 🙂 Natty is already talking about attending horseback riding camp next summer. I guess I better start saving up now. LOL!

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