Hiking with Giant Sequoias

December 4th, 2007

With some days off school in the fall, we took the opportunity to visit friends in Hanford and take the girls to Sequoia National Park and King’s Canyon National Park. The main features of the trip were seeing the Giant Sequoias and hiking.

One the first day in Sequoia NP we climbed to the took of Moro Rock (a steep 1/4 mile staircase climbs over 300′ (91.4 meters) to the summit of this granite dome), hiked to the General Sherman Tree (274.9′ (83.8 meters) tall, and 102.6′ (31.3 meters) in circumference at its base), hiked on the Congress Trail (a 2-mile paved trail through the heart of the sequoia forest, and hiked the Big Trees trail (a 1.2-mile loop around Round Meadow.)

On the second day we visited King’s Canyon NP. We hiked the Grant Grove trail to see the General Sherman tree. For a longer hike, we hiked along the ridge in the Grant Grove area.
We ran into a problem with food as it was fall and most places to acquire food where closed. Our lunch on the first day consisted of food we had acquired in Hanford from our friends.

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  1. Ok. That picture of you and your girls is AMAZING!!!!!! WOW! It should be blown up and framed to display in your home. LOVE it! That tree hugging picture is thee best!!!! GREAT shot!

  2. It looks like a beautiful hike, Denise! Love that shot of you and the girls….what a great photo of the three of you!

  3. I highly recommend Sequoia, it’s not as far as it seems and it’s a lot less crowded than that well known NP to the north.

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