Dinosaurs Good Dinosaurs Bad

April 11th, 2006

“I like the plant eaters,” Jennifer said definitively. “I don’t like the meat eaters.”

Jennifer has mixed emotions about dinosaurs. She likes the plant eaters and thinks they are the good dinosaurs. She doesn’t like the meat eaters, though, and refers to them as the mean, bad dinosaurs.

As we walked through the robotic dinosaur exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science in Berkeley Jennifer adored the plant eaters and cringed at the meat eaters like the T. Rex.

As we were leaving the exhibit, she said, “I want a picture of the dinosaur.” So, she took me back to the meat eater eating the plant eater. We took the photograph.


As we left she said, “I want you to write about how I like plant eaters and not meat eaters and put it in your scrapbook.” Gotta like her foresight for producing scrapbook material for me!

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