Devil's Postpile

October 26th, 2006

October 23, 2006.

In the early morning we awoke and drove to Devil’s Postpile. We appeared to be the first to arrive at the national monument, but it never did see many visitors at all.

As it was off-season, we drove into the park. From the parking lot, we hiked the easy trail to the postpile. We could clearly see the columnar basalt. We had seen pictures of the straight columns but were surprised to see the bent columns.


A steeper climb enabled us to go to the top of the postpile. From here we could see the columns from their tops, stacked next to each other. Finally, we walked on to the 101-foot high Rainbow Falls. This extra few miles took a toll on the girls. I was very grateful when we reached the falls and enjoyed a snack as moods changed dramatically.

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  1. HOW COOL is that photo!!!!!! AMAZING! Mo

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