Design Your Life Week #2

October 26th, 2008

Our second week of class focused on balance. Instead of symmetrical balance Cathy discussed asymmetrical balance. Asymmetrical balance has always been hard for me to really understand. I think I get it now but the question still lingers: what makes an assmetrical layout NOT work. I think that will become clearer in the following weeks.

4 comments to “Design Your Life Week #2”

  1. This page is so cool, Denise!!!! Love the shape of the journaling box!!

  2. I love how you show the whole party with 3 very carefully selected photos~Great Job, Denise!

  3. Ooops-I mean 4 photos :p

  4. very nice! These are hard for me too. Im always trying to fill it in to make it symmetrical again LOL

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