Christmas Questions

December 13th, 2006
For some holiday spirit, I bought a box of Christmas questions. Our family has been reading a different question every night at dinner time. I am collecting the answers and writing them on the back of an highly decorated 4X6 card/tag. I plan to store them in a highly decorated box.

Here are a few samples of the questions and answers:

What gifts do we give on Christmas that do not come in a box?

Jackie – Love

Denise – Time together

Mike – Playing games

Jennifer – Things in your stocking

The birth of Christ is a story that has been told for centuries. What is an important story from your family’s history?

Jackie – the story of how the “Gormish” name came to be recognized in the United States

Denise – the birth of both our daughters and how God took care of us. Jennifer’s middle name is “Grace” because of how God was gracious to us in their births.

Here is a sample of a few of the highly decorated cards. The answers are on the backside in my handwriting. These cards feature flourishes and flowers, two of my favorites things, and Art Warehouse stamps.

IMG_1218x.jpg IMG_1219x.jpg

IMG_1221x.jpg IMG_1348x.jpg

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