Can I Help? I am a Mathematician.

April 19th, 2008

One of Mike’s favorite movie lines is from Finding Nemo. It occurs when the Ray says, “Can I help? I am a Scientist.” He uses that line a lot with the girls, sometimes replacing Scientist with Mathematician.

Mike loves helping the girls with their math homework so he will often ask them, “Can I Help? I am a Mathematician.” The girls are not as gleeful about math help from dad, partly because he likes to explain in detail the concepts and doesn’t let them slide with just “getting it.” He will often add more information than what they really needed. They roll their eyes. I think its great that he can give them extra help.

When the girls DO need math help, it is will trepidation they ask Mike for help. He smiles and gets that “oh this will be fun” look in his eyes.


3 comments to “Can I Help? I am a Mathematician.”

  1. That’s such a cute story, Denise. I would have liked to have had a math whiz for a parent when I was growing up. Your girls are lucky!

  2. what a cute little story. The girls are pretty much covered arent they? They have Mike for Math, and you for English! Cute, cute picture too!

  3. Your girls & their dad are just like me & mine-I hated having to ask for his help because of the long explanations that I knew would follow, but I did indeed know I’d have the correct answer 🙂

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