Battle Road

June 25th, 2008

From 17th century Massachusetts, we stepped forward in time to the Revolutionary war period with a trip to Lexington, the battle road and Concord. We started with an excellent introduction the the conflict at the Minute Man National Historic Park. The program, The Road to Revolution, tells the story of Paul Revere’s Ride and the battles at Lexington, along the Battle Road and at the North Bridge.

While we did visit the site of the first conflict at Lexington, we spent most of our time walking the Battle Road trail, which depicts historic sites and events along the road the British soldiers were forced back down by the patriots. One nice site along the route is the Hartwell Tavern, a restored house and tavern along the battle road.


Jackie did not enjoy the walk as she felt tired and uneasy at the thought of a battle having occurred along the same route she walked. Jennifer suffered from hunger as we hadn’t planned for lunch very well.

After finished the trail and eating lunch our family visited the North Bridge, site of the “shot heard round the world.” The bridge has been rebuilt in its a lovely location.


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  1. More gorgeous nature photos!!!! 🙂

  2. That North Bridge location is amazing! I love looking at your photos and reading about your trip…such an educational trip for the girls!

  3. My family walked these very same steps when we took this trip a few summers ago-It’s so full of amazing history-it filled me with wonder & awe…

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