October 25th, 2006

Mike spent a week in Amsterdam, leaving us to fend for ourselves here in the States.

“Amsterdam is a marvelous city to stroll through. Although the ever-present canals are no longer heavily used for transportation, they are wonderful to walk beside, look across, or ride a tour boat through. There are very few cars (the streets are narrow and often one way, canals get in the way, and there is no place to park.) Biking is the transportation method of choice for most residents. I saw two adults on a bike, an adult and a kid in front, an adult and kid in back, an adult with a kid in front and a kid in back, and bikes with “wheel barrows” in front to carry kids and stuff. The Dutch are “thrifty.” Amsterdam became a major port, because a dam was placed across the Amstel River, thus forcing the upstream boats to stop unload, and place their cargo in warehouse, until an ocean going merchant ship was available. If you pay by credit card, many establishments will charge a 3% fee, to recoup what they must pay to Visa. In my mind, there are no “must see” sights although there are several very good museums and the house where Anne Frank hid.”

Michael Gormish


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