Welcome to Ethiopia

July 12th, 2007


Jennifer’s 2nd grade class studied Ethiopia, Africa for multicultural studies at Orion.

During their multicultural presentation on May 31 they wore sarongs, performed a song with drum accompionment, shared Ethiopian spices and showed several projects that they had made including paper huts, drums and a galimoto, a wire structure. In the classroom they had eaten a traditional Ethiopian stew but they had cut up mangos to taste for the presentation. The room was also decorated with an African mural, Ethiopian clothing, African art, flags, and a topigraphical map. They had also written a report on an animal in Africa. Jennifer chose the baboon.

As a special trip, Jennifer and I joined her teacher and her friend, Sofia, and Sofia’s family for dinner at Zeni, an Ethiopian restaurant in San Jose. We sat on stools around a table with a basket on top. The food was community style with two large plates of various foods including various Wots.

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