So Blessed

May 3rd, 2006

“We are so blessed,” Mike and I repeated to each other over and over during our Monterey weekend trip. The very fact God revealed to us again and again. It came to an climax when we visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Weekends at the aquarium can be brutal. With hundreds of visitors crowded inside the aquarium, it can be hard to enjoy. The spaciousness of the aquarium makes it hard to experience all the exhibits in one day.

We had a plan, though. Since this was an overnight trip, not just a day trip, we decided to break up the aquarium visit between two days. Through the years, we have been blessed to have a family membership. With the membership we visited on Saturday, then returned on Sunday. Not only did our membership get us in free, but it also got us into the aquarium a 1/2 hour earlier than general admission.

On Sunday’s return we arrived to an almost bare aquarium. We stood in front of the sea otter tanks, watching them frolic, without a single other person there. It was so peaceful. Mike and I looked at each other and said, “We are so blessed.”

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