Road trip back…back to the heat

July 19th, 2007

Our return home plan was to visit one of my scrapbook friends who lived outside of Minneapolis on Saturday, spend the night in a hotel along the way, then return to Mike’s parents house Sunday. We had a wonderful visit, including a great meal and great hospitality, with my friend, Sue. It was a delight to see Sue again and meet her family and dogs!

We hit the road, driving down along the Mississippi River and crossing it into La Crosse, Wisconsin. But we hit a snag here. There were no hotels with rooms available. In a town of 50,000 there wasn’t a room to be found. We continued down the road, finding nothing…not even in a few little, off-beaten hotels we found. We did not find a hotel until we pulled into Madison, WI at midnight.

Another snag we discovered at dinner was that I left my purse at Sue’s house. Duh! Mike, master planner for all emergencies, had my passport so we were safe with me being able to board the airplane home. Sue quickly sent my purse back to California were I picked it up a few days later.

Back in the Chicago area we returned to the heat and humidity. We spent Sunday relaxing with Mike’s cousin and Monday just hanging around with Mike’s parents. On Monday, we decided to visit a park with a frisbee golf coarse before the heat hit hard. Mike showed us his killer frisbee throws. We were all surprised by the length between the tees and the location of some of the holes – some over creeks or into the woods.


Despite our plans we didn’t totally beat the heat and humidity. By 10:30 a.m. it was beginning to drain us. Now I remember why I don’t live in a humid place anymore…

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  1. Denise, what a great recap of your vacation! Your journaling and your photos are just incredible. So many interesting activities and points of interest! This will be a wonderful reminder of your trip. Thanks for sharing!!!!

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