New Games

July 19th, 2007

We’re always on the lookout for new and interesting games. At our resort we found two unique games. The two games, set up in the playground area, involved balls and competition with one other opponent.


In carpetball, two players stand at opposite ends of a long, narrow carpeted table. They set up pool balls on their end of the table. The object is to knock the opponents balls with the cue ball. Each player takes turns rolling the cue ball. We each developed some strategies but none of us became unbeatable at carpetball.


In knuckleball, two players stand next to each other with a paddle. Balls, whiffle or tennis, are played in the playing area and hit with the paddles. The goal is to get the ball on your opponents side and have it roll off. When the ball rolls off, the person on the other side is declared the winner. The difficulty of this games can be changed depending on how many balls or what time of balls are in play.

We had fun experimenting and taking turns playing these games with one another.

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