It is Beauty.

May 3rd, 2006

“the greatest meeting of land and water in the world”

Landscape artist Francis McComas’s brief but extravagant comparison remains unchallenged. All who come here agree that the beauty of this tree-clad headland is unequaled.

Pt. Lobos website

And I agree. I always love this little slice of the California coast, where the rocky shores meet the ocean. From the many coves to the beautiful water, the view remains unparalleled.

Where else can you view southern sea otters, California sea lions, and harbor seals all within less than 1/2 mile of each other? Where else can you stand on the ocean’s edge shielding yourself from the cold, then in the next minute be standing in the warmth and tranquility of a Cypress grove? Where else can the waters be crashing on the shores in one cove but in an adjacent cove be calm blue waters?

It is beauty.

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