It’s All Greek to Me

May 24th, 2006

I can still hear the Greek music ringing through my ears. When I close my eyes I can still see the little “Greek” dancers in Jennifer’s class.


It’s Jennifer’s 1st grade classroom and they are studying the country of Greece. The Parthenon. Greek gods. Baklava. Costumes. Greece relief map. Grece flag. Greek alphabet. Dances. Limestone. Wool. Music. Sponges. Excavation. All this and more brought these children into the world of Greece.

Then, these children brought the world of Greece to the rest of the school. The other classrooms visited Jennifer’s 1st grade classroom to learn about Greece. These 1st graders performed their dance eight times and gave eight tours of their classroom. They did a fabulous job. I got some great shots, but isn’t this the cutest little Greek tour guide?

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  1. Oh she is TOO CUTE, Denise!!! What a GREAT program! Mo

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