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Easy Trick or Treat

Tuesday, October 31st, 2006

With the loss of community and a greater awareness of “stranger danger”, we have opted to go trick or treating at the local outdoor shopping mall. There are advantages. Consider the ease of walking up to shops right next to each other. Consider the less tired feet and less cranky children. Consider the speed of aquiring a sufficient amount of treats. Consider not having to hobble around in the dark looking for a house that is open. Consider the smiles of one girl who had a blast.


Thank you to the mall and the stores of the Stanford Shopping Center for providing this nice service.


Caught Up

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Caught up? What does that mean? I can’t remember the last time I really felt caught up. August and September flew by in a big blur. Now, here I am in that world of “caught up.” It feels kinda strange.

Now I have time here are some of the things I am doing:

  • scrapbooking
  • reading “Goose Girl” by Shannon Hale
  • writing in the present on my blog
  • working in the school library
  • playing fetch with Merlin and cuddling with Arthur
  • chatting and commenting on scrapbook web sites

Who knows how long it will last, but I am enjoying it immensely.


3 Senses

Monday, October 9th, 2006

Visiting the sulphar areas at Lassen Volcanic National Park takes 3 senses:

  • Smell: rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulphide coming from hot vents
  • Sight: steam and white clay tinted yellow, tan, or pink by minerals, chiefly iron oxide
  • Sound: Bubbling mudpots

August 12, 2006


Photographer's Delight

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Rocky Mountain National Park may have been a park of outstanding beauty but for me it was also a photographer’s delight. I took over 200 photographs in 2 days at Rocky Mountain National Park. This was due to 4 important things:

1. Great Scenery. I could not pass the gorgeous lakes, waterfalls and wildflowers without taking photographs.
2. Patient Companions. Those who hiked with me were willing to wait while I stopped to take photographs
3. An Understanding Co-Photographer. As a photographer, Uncle Jack understood the importance of taking photographs. He even provided advice on locations and timing for taking the best photographs.
4. Knowledgeable Tour Guide. As tour guide, Uncle Jack chose hikes with outstanding scenery and photographic opportunities.


July 5, 2006



Saturday, August 19th, 2006


Questions. Often on hikes we pass things about which we wonder. How did it get there? What is it? When was it made?

On the hike around Bear Lake we spotted a series of trees that had been chopped down. We marveled at it. It raised questions for us. Who did this? Beavers? When had they been so hard at work? Where were they hauling all the wood?

Questions without answers. The questions were entertaining, even if we didn’t know the answers.

July 5, 2006


Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

July 3, 2006

As a side effect of planning the Powers family reunion in Colorado, the local relatives became the hosts.

Jack and Ginger welcomed us to Colorado. Aunt Ginger provided hospitality at her home. She allowed us to sleep there a few nights, provided meals and played games with us. White at her house, Jaclyn and Jennifer played Hearts with Uncle Jackie where they learned the mantra “Get Uncle Jack!” At the bed and breakfast in Colorado Springs, Aunt Ginger made many plans and arrangements and provided the meals.

Uncle Jack’s served as Hiking Guide. He planned excellent hikes for Rocky Mountain National Park. His knowledge and expertise of the area proved valuable. For example, knowing about the afternoon thunderstorms he forced us to leave early in the morning. His plan was good. Near the end of our hike, we heard thunder and felt rain begin falling. Luckily we were close to the parking lot. If we had started later we would not have been so fortunate.

Thanks to our hosts. Your efforts were much appreciated!


Weed Whacker

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

Jennifer approached me at my desk.

“Can I pull weeds?” she asked.


Jennifer pulled weeds in the tomato garden, crawling among the growing plants to get the job done.

With Jennifer at work, we don’t need a mechanical weed whacker.

June 2006



Father's Day Again

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

It’s Father’s Day again. I’m glad. I’m glad there’s a day where we can remind you how much we love you and how much we appreciate you. I hope you realize that you mean more to your daughters and I than you can imagine. You are an excellent father, caring, nurturing and encouraging his children. In the business of life forget to tell you all of it, but know, today, that we are very thankful to God and to you.

  • Thank you for raising, in the nurture and admonishment of the Lord, two beautiful children.
  • Thank you for educating our children through hand-on events, games, stories, explaining, and personal experiences.
  • Thank you for taking us on grand adventures, planned and spontaneous, that binds us together as a family.

We love you.


More photos and the full article on making this project is available as

Father’s Day Gift Idea

at Scrapjazz.


Age: 40

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

It’s official. I am 40-years-old now. How does that feel? On one hand, it does make me think I’m on the other side of my life. On the other hand, I don’t feel sad about it. I’m not anxious, worrying about missing something. I’m not feeling let down for not having accomplished something special. God has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I have been blessed with a wonderful faith, family, friends, and little everyday things that make me happy. 40 is good.My official birthday, June 16, included a trip to a pancake breakfast (cooked by my daughters), presents, visiting a few scrapbook stores, a relaxing lunch (including Cold Stone Creamery) and a party. Mike arranged a nice gathering of my friends for that evening. The biggest hits of the night were a quiz on me that Mike hosted, the New York Times front pages that Mike doctored for important dates in my life, and the game Apples to Apples.

For the quiz, Mike asked things like the following:
“Where did Denise volunteer when she moved to California?”

Answer: CA Marine Mammal Center

“What scrapbooking website does write articles for?”

Answer: Scrapjazz

The funniest question was “What did Denise do to receive an in school
suspension in high school?” It was multiple choice and the choices were the following: refusing to do science dissection, staying home to watch a baseball game on TV, fighting and “Are you kidding? She never received a suspension.”

The correct answer is…

Staying home to watch baseball. It was opening day and at that time in my life I was a baseball nut…

A lovely day from start to finish.



“May” Day

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

June 12. After a hectic last week of school (Hectic here meaning “insanely busy to the point of exhaustion”) our family enjoyed just relaxing at home for a whole week. The girls and I made no plans and we had no agenda. Every morning I woke up to a new day, which I labeled a “may” day. On my favorite message board, DML, I wrote:

My schedule has NOTHING!!! I may run an errand, I may work on my CKU album, I may do some deep cleaning, we may go on an evening hike, etc. I love saying “may.”

Ahhh, peace…